Grant-making trends

We review our grant-making on an annual basis, looking at the number of applications received, and areas supported. This is so that we can learn from our grant-making and ensure that it still reflects the Trust’s funding priorities.

As a family trust with broad interests, inevitably we receive many more applications than we can possibly support.

To help you determine whether to apply, below is a snapshot of our most recent 12-month trends:

  • We made 78 grants to UK-registered charities.
  • The average grant size was £5,000.
  • We made the most grants to organisations concerned with Medicine and Healthcare, followed by Societal and Community Cohesion, then Education.
  • Heritage and the Environment and Arts charities were equally supported but, combined, amounted to just over 10% of the total giving.
  • More than half our grants went to national organisations with 39% of grants going to local charities in the areas specified on our Home page.
  • Of those organisations which were successful, more than 90% had been supported before, reflecting the Trust’s desire to build relationships with its grantees.
  • The size of charity supported had an average income of £3,600,000 reflecting the Trust’s preference to support financially sustainable national charities.
  • Applicants had approximately a one in six chance of being successful.
  • The main reasons for applications being turned down were either because they were considered too small for trustees to consider, were out of area, or it was felt that there was a lack of information about the need and how the proposed work would help address it.