Grant-making trends

We review our grant-making on an annual basis, looking at the number of applications received, and areas supported. This is so that we can learn from our grant-making and ensure that it still reflects the Trust’s funding priorities.

As a family trust with broad interests, inevitably we receive many more applications than we can possibly support.

Below is a snapshot of our most recent 12-month trends:

  • We made 90 grants to UK-registered charities.
  • The average grant size was £5,400.
  • We made the most grants to organisations concerned with Medicine and Healthcare, followed by Societal and Community Cohesion, then Education.
  • Approximately half of our grants went to national organisations working across the UK. A small number of grants (four) were made for overseas humanitarian relief. The remainder was given to local charities working in the geographical areas specified in the application guidelines.
  • Of those organisations which were successful, the majority had been supported before, reflecting the Trust’s desire to build relationships with its grantees. Fourteen new charities were supported.
  • Applicants had approximately one in five chance of being successful.
  • The main reasons for applications being turned down were either because they were out of area, or it was felt that there was a lack of information about the need and how the proposed work would help address it.