About us

The John Coates Charitable Trust was established by John Bernard Maurice Coates by trust deed on 6th November 1969.

Growing up, John Coates had an acute awareness and understanding of the limitations caused by circumstance, due in no small part to his own diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis at the age of 19. This in turn led him to become one of the founding members of NASS (the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society) to help others live with, and better understand, the condition.

An avid reader, with an appreciation of the gifts that his education had given him, John Coates had a lifelong interest in science, history and heritage. He was also a keen sailor who knew first-hand the thrill and joy to be derived from the natural world. As such, he wanted to give this opportunity to others, supporting children’s learning in a wide and fully holistic sense, as well as the enrichment of adult lives, especially in making the arts and the outdoors more accessible.

The legacy of John Coates’ many interests is reflected in the causes which his trust continues to support, namely in the fields of pioneering healthcare and research, conservation, history, social care and education.

It seems fitting for this family man that his children and grandchildren, as the current Trustees, continue to promote causes which were close to his heart – and remain close to theirs.

Current Trustees:

  • Rebecca Lawes – Chair
  • Claire Cartledge
  • Sue Down
  • Catharine Kesley
  • Elspeth McGregor
  • Annie Youngman

“The contribution and support of The John Coates Charitable Trust from the very earliest days of the restoration has had a significant impact on this award-winning project and has helped Painshill to become one of the country’s finest 18th century landscape gardens, with a growing reputation both nationally and internationally.”

Paul Griffiths, Director, Painshill Park Trust Ltd